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Sui Generis School FAQs

What is the difference between regular online courses and private instruction?

Regular online courses have a slightly higher student cap, are offered at pre-set times, and provide families with the ability to register a single student in a group class. Private instruction is for one-on-one learning or existing small groups (online or in-person), and offers more flexibility in scheduling. Visit the enrollment page for step-by-step instructions for each option.

Are classes offered in person?

Classes can be taught online anywhere in the U.S. or in-person, at your home or homeschool group's normal place of learning, in Orange County, California.

What are your COVID-19 policies for in-person instruction?

These might shift, based on state and local guidelines, but the current plan is to have each in-person group agree upon a protocol. If anyone in your group wants masks, we will all wear masks. If your group is unanimously comfortable mask-free, we can do that. I am vaccinated and am therefore ready to adjust to each group's preferences. Should there be another shutdown, I have experience teaching all of these courses online, and they do all translate to that format very well, compared to some other subjects and disciplines.

What is your refund policy?

If at any time you want to withdraw, you will owe for the next three weeks of classes, but then will be refunded any remaining amount, or will not have to pay for remaining classes beyond the three weeks. 

What makes for a good learning space?

A good in-person space for learning will be comfortable for the student(s), quiet, allow for enough seating (preferably in a circle with a table), good lighting, and Wifi. An outdoor option when weather permits is always nice, too (i.e backyard). For online students, a good space for learning will also be comfortable and quiet, with good lighting and a desk or table. Good Wifi is a must for online learners!

Will my student receive a grade?

I focus on feedback, guidance, and practice over assessment and qualitative evaluation. Learning is a process that benefits us in ways a grade cannot always reflect. However, I understand some students, particularly those who are college-bound, may require a grade. If you want your student to receive a grade, we can create a grading contract for an additional flat fee of $100 per student for the semester.

Can I use charter funds to pay?

I am an approved vendor for Sky Mountain for the Fall 2021 semester. I am also open to any others (e.g. iLead, Sage Oak Charter, Excel Academy, etc.) though they require student/ parent sponsorship. If you want to sponsor me so you can use those funds, please let me know, and I will work with you to expedite that process as quickly as they'll allow. If you use a different charter, please let me know which one, and I can look into becoming a vendor.

Do you take any students on a sliding scale?

Yes, I take a few each term. Please contact me if this option will make the difference in whether or not you can enroll your student(s).

What if we aren't sure we'd be a good fit?

I offer free consultations, without any obligation to register. Simply contact me, and we can set up a time to meet. I will come to you or meet online and we can talk for a bit. I can also give a sample mini-lesson for a course of your choice.

What does Sui Generis mean?

See the about page for the full story about how I came to the name, but it means "of its own kind", which sums up my goal as an educator--to provide a tailored experience "of its own kind" for each student and each group.

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