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Sui Generis School

Writing Instruction of Its Own Kind

Sui Generis offers writing instruction and services for a variety of writers and students, online anywhere in the United States and in-person in Orange County, California.


Writing and reading are known as solitary acts, and this is where many of the benefits of both come from. So at Sui Gen, students 

engage in the meaningful practice of privately diving into books and into their imaginations, thoughts, and creativity to express themselves through their own writing. 


Yet, reading and writing can also bring us together. Stories are often at the heart of effective communication and human connection, and this fact drives Sui Gen’s workshop model of instruction wherein student writing takes center stage. We share our work and learn alongside one another. We also come together as readers to express our reactions and responses to what we’ve read privately, to bond over the ways the reading has similarly affected us, and appreciate the ways it has impacted us differently.



For homeschoolers, courses draw on a combination of creative, academic, and personal modes and genres. Our philosophy is grounded in the value of personal expression, risk-taking, and community-building.

For adult writers, we offer a variety of courses and workshops in creative writing.


For the college-bound and current college students, we offer one-on-one services to assist in applying to college and to help students succeed as writers across all disciplines once they are enrolled.

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