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Sui Generis 
for College Students

Academic Paper/ Project Review: This service provides you with a detailed feedback letter and one-on-one Zoom meeting (20 minutes) to discuss your academic paper or project in terms of its overall effectiveness in meeting the expectations of the assignment and the quality of the writing. Note that while we might address some line editing and grammar issues (particularly ones that are pervasive), manuscript review is not the same as an editing service. We are concerned with the overall effectiveness, cohesiveness, and meaning of your work instead. 

Circular Library

Rates vary based on the length of your project. Email Jaime Campbell at with word count, assignment or project details (i.e. term paper for lit class, thesis or dissertation project, etc.--all lengths and disciplines are welcome) and I will get back to you shortly with a quote.

About the Instructor

I am a college professor who has taught writing for almost fifteen years, and I currently teach creative writing and composition at Chapman University. I also have extensive experience working at campus writing centers, so I am well-versed at giving students feedback on their academic papers and projects. I am accustomed to working with college students, and familiar with the typical expectations their professors might have for writing and research-based projects.  

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