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Sui Generis 
for College-Bound Students

Sui Generis offers a variety of online workshops for writers, which meet live via Zoom. Some are one-time meetings, others include multiple sessions over a few weeks or even months. Check out the current offerings below! Students must be 18 or older. If you're looking for writing classes for your middle or high schooler, check out our homeschooling services page. To enroll, email Jaime Campbell at I will respond shortly with the registration paperwork and payment details.

Applying to College

Students will be guided through the college application process, step-by-step. Emphasis will be placed on writing admissions essays (students receive extensive feedback on this from the instructor), but will also include selecting the right colleges to apply to, requesting recommendation letters, and organizing materials to meet deadlines. After applications are in, students may engage in an optional unit designed to prepare them for the social and emotional transition to college (the course can be taught without this final unit, for fewer weeks total). Designed for high school seniors. 


Pricing and number of meetings varies based on how many applications will be submitted. Email Jaime Campbell at for a quote. The more info you can give me in this initial email, the better: Which colleges will your student be applying to, how many essays need to be written. do you want the optional social/ emotional transition unit, etc.

Composing the College Application Essay

Through this service, I will walk your student through the process of composing their personal essay(s) and responses to "Personal Insight Questions" for their college applications. We will begin with invention (i.e. the idea/ pre-writing phase) and then move into the rough draft phase (often 2-3 drafts per essay question) until their responses are polished and finished. I will focus on feedback and help them edit their work, though this isn't an editing service in which I line edit for them--we will work together to get the essay where it needs to be for submission.


Pricing varies based on how many essays and responses your student needs to write, and how long they need to be. Email Jaime Campbell at with this information for a quote.  


Note that this service focuses exclusively on the admissions essay. If you'd like me to guide your student through the entire application process, please see the  "Applying to College" service described above.

School Application

About the Instructor

I am a college professor who has taught writing for almost fifteen years, and I currently teach creative writing and composition at Chapman University. I've walked my own daughter through the application process, and am well-aquatinted with the kind of authentic, meaningful writing colleges want to see from prospective students.


I've also taken workshops on student organizational strategies and am well-equipped to help your student implement the methods needed to manage multiple 

applications at once, in order to meet all deadlines, with as little stress as possible.


Lastly, I work with first-year college students, so I have a deep understanding of the challenges they face in that initial life shift. As such, I am ready to help your student begin to think about how they might manage the excitement, but also the stresses that come with 

transitioning to college life. 

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