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Sui Generis 
for Adult Writers

One-on-One Manuscript Review

This service provides you with a detailed feedback letter and one-on-one Zoom meeting (20 minutes) to discuss your manuscript and how craft elements such as genre, scene-development, plot, character, tone, style, and voice come together in your writing. We will address where you might focus your writerly efforts in the next draft, what distinguishes your voice and style, and where you might look to submit your work for publication once it is ready. Note that while we might address some line editing and grammar issues (particularly ones that are pervasive), manuscript review is not the same as an editing service. We are concerned with the overall impact, cohesiveness, and meaning of your work instead. 


Rates vary based on the length of your manuscript. Email Jaime Campbell at with word count, title, and a brief description of your project (i.e. full-length novels, first chapters, individual short stories, collections of stories or essays, and full-length memoirs—all genres and lengths are welcome) and I will get back to you shortly with a quote.

Upcoming Online Workshops

Working from the Park

Sui Gen workshops offer you an opportunity to connect with other writers and bond over the meaningful work of sharing your writing with one another. Our workshops will help facilitate growth in your own personal practice as a writer, but they will also provide you with human connection through the very thing you might be most passionate about.


Come and enjoy this rare but rewarding opportunity to connect with other writers, bond over our shared experiences of crafting our work, and appreciate the ways our processes and creativity diverge from one another.

Workshops for writers meet live via Zoom. Some are one-time meetings, others include multiple sessions over a few weeks or even months. Check out the current offerings below! Students must be 18 or older. If you're looking for writing classes for your middle or high schooler, check out our homeschooling services page.


To enroll, book online now. Email Jaime Campbell at with any questions.

Virtual Team Meeting

Writers' Workshop

Students draft an original short manuscript (short story, short memoir/ creative nonfiction, or first novel/ memoir chapter) and share their work with the class in workshop. Students then revise their work, reflecting on their process and style as a writer. Students receive extensive verbal and written feedback on their work from the instructor. Capped at 10 students.


Next session to be announced soon!

The Self in Fiction

In this workshop, we will explore the connection between the self and our art. What role does our real-life self play in our fiction? How does autobiographical fiction differ from memoir? Where is our identity in our fiction? How does understanding the relationship between the self and our art benefit us as writers? We will explore these questions and more as we share portions of our drafts and reflect on how they are connected to, and reflect, who we are. 


This workshop requires that you bring a completed draft of about 2,000-4,000 words to both sessions that you will use as the focal point for reflective exercises and discussion. Note that the course revolves around personal reflectionand does not include individual feedback from the instructor on your manuscript (though if you are interested in this, you can submit the draft through our One-On-One Manuscript Review service with a $20 discount as a workshop participant). Capped at 12 students.

Next session to be announced soon!

About the Instructor

My writing has appeared or is forthcoming in Sonora Review, Santa Monica Review, The Los Angeles Review, and Angel City Review. I was the runner-up for Sonora Review’s 2020 Fiction Contest, a semi-finalist for the American Short Fiction 2019 Halifax Ranch Fiction Prize, and the winner of the 2018 JuxtaProse Fiction Prize. I have an MFA in Creative Writing and an MA in Literature and have taught writing at the college level for almost fifteen years. Currently, I teach creative writing and composition at Chapman University. 


Through Sui Generis, I am able to take what I do at the university and adapt it for a broader range of writers and their needs, with the mission of bringing a sense of community to those who might feel isolated as the engage in their otherwise meaningful work as writers. Sui Gen's adult classes are not bound by the rules of the university, and so I have the freedom in this forum to do away with grades (classes are feedback-based) and design courses to serve the purpose of the specific class in terms of structure and length, rather than being locked into the rules and semester schedule of the university.

It is this freedom to teach writing my own way (Sui Generis means "of its own kind") that has brought about this endeavor in which I welcome writers to enroll who seek a constructive, respectful, and supportive community where they might thrive and grow in their craft.

--Jaime Campbell, Lead Teacher and Director


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