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About Sui Generis School

Sui Generis started when I embarked on my first homeschooling adventure with my daughter years ago when she was twelve. I had to file a private school affidavit, and picking a name for the school became immediately important to me. I wanted it to convey what mattered most, and what drew me to homeschooling above all-else, was that it allows individual families to make decisions that meet their own needs. Out of that came an allegiance to the phrase "Sui Generis," which means "of its own kind." That was what I wanted for my daughter--an educational plan fit uniquely to her--and it is what I want for all of my students.

For homeschoolers, my approach is flexible and student-driven. Rather than teaching toward standards that an entire state or country of students must meet, I keep classes small and projects broad in scope so students can make the bulk of decisions in what they'll create themselves. Writing about what they care about, learning about what interests them--this is so important to me as an educator.

Sui Gen has evolved to also incorporate and reflect my own skills and passion as a published fiction writer with an MA in Literature and an MFA in Creative Writing. Outside of teaching writing to my own children (two girls at the middle school and high school levels) as a homeschooling parent, I've also taught at the college-level at Santa Ana College and, currently, at Chapman University and am well-equipped to teach and assist adult writers and college students.

I love writing and reading. Both are such excellent avenues for everyone to practice and hone critical thinking skills they can apply in an endless amount of settings. Language is the foundation of so much communication and expression, and my hope is to help my students find meaning and value in the challenging yet  fulfilling process of learning how they can use language to be creative, thoughtful, and empathetic individuals. 

--Jaime Campbell
   Director and Lead Teacher, Sui Generis School

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