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    Why Beginner Minds is Revolutionizing Martial Arts Schools Worldwide

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    In just 18 questions you can help a student recognize where their greatest potential for your program can be derived. Beginner Minds includes a child and an adult assessment, so students of all ages can benefit from the program.

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    Identify Their Butterfly Theme

    Quickly calculate the results from the assessment and determine the students "Butterfly Theme". This theme will help identify a students natural learning style and what areas are going to compliment them for success in your program.

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    Give parents the tools they need to best support their child in your program and set them up for success on day one. Easily help adult students recognize what the investment in your classes will mean for their martial arts future, and personalize their participation.

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    Here's a closer look at what you'll get when you order Beginner Minds for your school.

    • Personalized Presentation Binder explaining the different Butterfly Themes
    • Personalized Child Assessment
    • Personalized Adult Assessment
    • Dry Erase marker for calculating the scores during the sit down presentation 
    • Instructor's Manual on how to implement the program, and what each theme means
    • 9 Personalized Profile pages parents can use to best support their child on their martial arts journey
    • Learning Style Map that illustrates how a student will best benefit from instruction
    • Flash Drive with print-ready, branded forms for your school
  • How Do I Get The Program?

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    Take the Assessment - Right HERE

    In order to best understand what the program can do, you should experience it first hand. This way, you know what a prospective member will experience, too.


    Review Your Results - SCHEDULE A CALL HERE

    Set up a call to review your results and learn the depths the program has to offer.


    Send Over Your Logo + Pay - Order HERE

    When you've decided you want the program, simply complete the check out page. Then, send us an email to catzohar@me.com with your logo. We'll personalize the program and ship it to you in 5 business days! International shipping is available to Canada, the U.K. and Australia for an extra fee. BUT WAIT--there's more! We are in the process of finishing our "UK/AUSSIE ENGLISH PROGRAMME" so your members can fancy it, too! Brilliant! ;)


    (NOTE: THIS IS NOT a digital product! Please provide complete mailing details on our order page!)